Our faith is 2000 years old, but our thinking is not.
We are friends, family, strangers, visitors, and neighbors brought together by the Spirit of God to joyfully worship and enjoy Christian fellowship together. Our faith is based on our individual understanding of the Word as revealed through Jesus Christ and found in the Bible. Our faith is nurtured by sharing with each other our understanding of the Word. We are dedicated to letting God’s love and grace work through us.

While the world is considerably different than when German immigrants founded Central Evangelical Church in January 1858, God continues to call us to accept the costs and joys of discipleship.  We strive for unity and we celebrate diversity. In the United Church of Christ we emphasize personal faith, guided by the Holy Spirit and scripture, as well as social responsibility, guided by Jesus’ teaching that we are to reach out to all our brothers and sisters.

Central United Church of Christ is in Covenant relationship with the United Church of Christ and a member of the Missouri Mid-South Conference of the UCC ; however it is independent in all matters. Through its elected boards and committees, as well as its Annual Meeting,  the congregation is entirely responsible for running all aspects of its church life.  This includes the calling of ministers to help guide and direct its spiritual life.