We offer a Sunday School program for children in Kindergarten through Grade 5 every Sunday after the Children’s Message. We use the Workshop Rotation model as our program for Sunday School. Read below for more information about Workshop Rotation.


We are excited to be using The Workshop Rotation Model as our children’s faith formation program this year. The Workshop Rotation Model began in 1990 when a church in Chicago decided to re-invent Sunday school. The reasons behind this re-invention were simple:

• They were tired of boring materials that depended heavily on a lecture/listen format
• They were discouraged by the lack of interest in Sunday school shown by children and adults
• They were tired of the excuses offered by adults not teaching Sunday school
• They were tired of the students not fully learning or understanding the Bible stories

After many hours of hard work, detailed discussions, and countless prayers, the congregation developed a different model for Sunday school…the Workshop Rotation Model!

The Workshop Rotation Model is a unique format that is based upon weekly rotations. For each rotation, we focus on a Bible story or theme and then four different workshops are created to teach that story or theme. Each class visits one workshop each week; the following week the classes rotate to a new workshop. This rotating continues for a period of four weeks so that all children have an opportunity to experience all four workshops. At the end of the four weeks a new theme is introduced with four new workshops to support the new theme.

This format is quite brilliant because each Bible story is studied for a period of four weeks. That means that over the course of one four week rotation each child will have been exposed to the same lesson in four different ways. For someone who learns best by hearing information (auditory learners), he/she will really excel in the storytelling workshop. For someone who learns best by doing (kinesthetic learners), he/she will thoroughly enjoy the craft or game workshop. And for someone who learns best by seeing (visual learners), he/she will get the most out of a movie or theatrical workshop. This experience really helps children to better learn, understand, and retain information!

Please join us and experience Workshop Rotation in action.