2019 Oktoberfest

The annual German dinner was held Sept. 27, 2019,
in conjunction with
Jefferson City’s Oktoberfest weekend.

The menu for the meal was:       
                 Grilled sausage
                 German potato salad (WIGS recipe)
                 Green beans 
                 Sauerkraut / Cole slaw
                 Fried apples
                 Hot dogs/chips for the youngsters
                 Iced tea, lemonade, water, coffee

, What a glorious day! What a tremendous turnout! What a wonderful meal!

What do you get when you combine onions, peppers, celery, bacon, sugar, spices, and vinegar, and drizzle it over 100 pounds of cooked and diced red potatoes? Our famous German potato salad. Bake 10 pans of that magical goodness and mix that with the smell of 80 pounds of apples frying….and the smell of grilled sausage wafting in from the parking lot….and the smell of the sauerkraut…and the green beans cooking with the ham and the bacon…  What does that mean? It smelled G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S.
(As for the tables of pies and desserts, it was a sight to behold.)

On Friday evening, just at 300 people came to not only smell those smells, but to taste those tastes. Thank you to everyone who came out to share fellowship with us and enjoy this meal. We hope it not only met, but exceeded your expectations. Thank you to Schulte’s Fresh Foods and  and Canteen Service of Central MO, who helped to support this event. Thank you especially to the musicians of “Johnny’s Friends”, who performed throughout the evening to raise money for American Legion scholarships.

To the members of Central Church. You continue to define teamwork and congregation. A meal of this magnitude takes planning, organization, and hard work. Thank you to the committee members, to the numerous volunteers, and to those who donated time and resources to make this meal such a resounding success. You. Are. Appreciated. As a church, we are blessed to have you as part of this family.

Thank you to everyone who helped to prepare and serve the meal.  Thank you as well to those who came out on Saturday to work in the Old Munichburg Association’s booth, serving bratwurst meals.

In conjunction with the vendor booths and Oktoberfest events sponsored by the Old Munichberg Association on Saturday, Sept. 28, Central Church offered guided tours of our sanctuary, focusing on our 160-year history and the religious symbology displayed throughout the stained glass windows and the wood carvings.  Our thanks go out to Rene for directing those tours and helping to inform our guests about our passion for mission and service.

We look forward to seeing everyone again for Oktoberfest 2021!