The third Saturday of October is the day that people of faith, from many different denominations all over the state, gather at the Missouri State Fairgrounds, in Sedalia. The groups and families bring money that has been raised and National/International Kits & Missouri Packs that have been assembled during the year. Volunteers help to sack rice, beans and potatoes for distribution to Missouri agencies. In the afternoon state agencies bring their trucks and trailers to receive the kits, rice, beans and potatoes to distribute to their clients. Kits, assembled for Church World Service, are loaded on a semi truck to continue their journey to other parts of the world.

The Festival generates approximately $1 million annually.

The interfaith event is an expression of mission support and involvement that has helped improve the lives of countless individuals in Missouri and around the world.


The Festival of Sharing seeks to:

  • Generate financial, material, and personnel resources for hunger, poverty, crisis, and injustice
  • Meet and challenge injustice through advocacy and systemic change
  • Promote awareness of hunger and justice issues, local and international outreach opportunities, and resource steward ship possibilities
  • Encourage and enable hands-on experience with mission projects and local outreach agencies

Current Kit: Family Food Boxes

3 different cans of vegetables 14.5 oz.
(one peas,one green beans, one corn or carrots, other veges)
3 cans tuna 5 oz.
3 pkgs. macaroni & cheese
3 different cans of fruit 14.5 oz. (one peaches,one pears,
one fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges or other fruit)
1 can pasta sauce
1 jar peanut butter
1 lb. pasta
3 cans chicken (tuna can size at Dollar General)

Central UCC’s kit schedule for 2019:

January – CWS Hygiene Kits

February – MO Student Dental Kits

March – CWS Hygiene Kits

April – Clean Up Buckets

May – Clean Up Buckets

June – Clean Up Buckets

July – Youth Personal Care Pack

August – Family Food Boxes

September – Family Food Boxes