2018 Oktoberfest

The annual German dinner was held Sept. 28, 2018,
in conjunction with
Jefferson City’s Oktoberfest (sponsored by the Old Munichburg Association)

The menu for the meal was:       
                 Roast beef
                 German potato salad (WIGS recipe)
                 Green beans 
                 Cole slaw
                 Drinks (iced tea, lemonade, water, coffee) 

During the course of the evening, we again served over 300 people.  One guest noted that it was the best and most tender pot roast she had ever had. Another guest raved that we have the best recipe for German potato salad, hands down. 

The table of pie slices was truly impressive.  There were at least 12 different varieties of pie and cobbler on the table, including two sugar-free options.

We are truly glad that everyone enjoyed the meal. It IS a lot of work, but it is truly a labor of love (love is, after all, the most important ingredient in that German potato salad)

It was a hectic night for everyone, a hectic week for many, a hectic month for others, and for a few, a hectic summer, but the meal was an enormous success!

Thank you, first and foremost, to Mary Ann and Faye, who took on the daunting task of planning and coordinating the preparations and the meal. Thank you as well to the Pie Lady (Freda), the Cole Slaw Queen (Ruth), and everyone else involved in making this night work.

This truly was a total church team effort. Planning, decorating, promoting, prepping, cooking, serving, busing, clean-up, tear down….all of these take time and people, and the people of this church stepped up to meet the challenge. Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed, in whatever way, to tonight. You ARE the church.

In conjunction with the vendor booths and Oktoberfest events sponsored by the Old Munichberg Association on Saturday, Sept. 29, Central United Church of Christ offered guided tours of our sanctuary, focusing on our 160-year history and the religious symbology displayed throughout the stained glass windows and the wood carvings.  Our thanks go out to Rene for directing those tours and helping to inform our guests about our passion for mission and service.

We look forward to seeing everyone again for Oktoberfest 2019!

Stay up-to-date on planned activities at www.oldmunichburg.com